Amrapur Shows Off its Breadth

Unveils innovation in bedding, bath

At the New York Market – Amrapur Overseas is putting the focus on design leadership and product innovation this week as it works to grow its business with brick & mortar retailers. The company’s design team travels around the world to identify new trends and to purchase or develop unique and exclusive artwork, according to vp of design and product development Dawn Rochelle Fields. “Design works hand in hand with the sales and production teams for speed to market,” she added. “We respond quickly to trends, with our design team creating new collections six times a year, adding to our inventory and products available to our partners for great speed to market.” The company also enjoys a global sourcing presence, with more than 200 employees in overseas offices handling supply chain, quality assurance and merchandising. “The sales team works with their retail partners thoroughly examining and merchandising the line,” said Fields. “They travel to the branch stores on a regular basis comp shopping to determine our  rtners’ needs, and to bring innovation to each individual based on their market openings.” This week’s introductions include Nanotex sheet sets with Cool Comfort technology. Amrapur has developed two constructions: one a 120 gsm microfiber for opening price points and the other an 800-thread cotton-rich blend. It’s also unveiling a new towel made using a zero twist, super-fine yarn used in sheeting for a luxurious hand and feel. Amrapur ceo Kevin Wadhwani said of the ultra-absorbent towel: “It’s like zero twist on steroids.” The company is now offering a full collection of bath mats and shower curtains as well. “We feel there’s brick & mortar business we can address with this category,” said Fields. “We know how to build programs for each tier of the business.” “When it comes to core competency, Amrapur is something ‘core’ to different customers,” she added. “For some it’s towels. For others it’s fashion bedding,” she continued. “Why we say we’re a one-stop shop is because we really understand how to build th business for everyone from the high end down to promotional opening price point.” Amrapur’s showroom is located at 306 5th Ave.